It is your entitlement to have Religious Education throughout your school career. At Fernwood we provide the opportunity for every student to gain a GCSE qualification in Religious Education in one lesson per week. You have already begun the first part of your Full Course RE GCSE work that is spread over the final three years of your Religious Education - Years 9, 10 and 11.

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Which examination board specification will I follow?

We follow the Edexcel Religious Education specification which leads to a Full Course GCSE RE. For the area of study entitled Religion and Ethics we will focus on the religion of Christianity. For the area of study entitled Religion, Peace and Conflict we will focus on the religion of Islam. We study these religions as they are the most widespread religions in Nottingham City as well as in the United Kingdom.

What will I be studying during the course?

The course is designed to help you develop an informed understanding and appreciation of how Christians and Muslims respond to moral and social issues through their beliefs, values and traditions. We also consider non-religious approaches.

Religion and Ethics is split up into the following 4 units:

  1. Christian Beliefs
  2. Marriage and the Family
  3. Living the Christian life
  4. Matters of Life and Death

Religion, peace and conflict is split up into the following 4 units:

  1. Muslim beliefs
  2. Crime and Punishment
  3. Living the Muslim life
  4. Peace and Conflict

What will the examinations be like?

The full course GCSE option will involve two examination papers, one for each area of study. Each paper is 1 hour and 45 minutes long. Students are entered in Year 11 for both areas of study.

Why study GCSE RE?

The course focuses on a range of issues that affect how we think and believe. These issues complement work done in other areas of the curriculum. You will need an open mind and a respect for others and their beliefs. The course provides students with an informed appreciation of the world they belong to and as a member and citizen of our local, diverse and global community. It also provides a foundation for those careers, especially in our multi-faith community, that involve working with children and adults. At post 16 level, the course provides a sold skills base for a range of humanities and social science subjects.

Routes to employment

Studying religious education enables students to develop many transferrable skills including independent learning, reflective and analytical thinking and writing to support and evaluate opinions.

Students who have studied religious education go on to study courses at college, sixth forms and universities such as sociology, medicine, journalism, childcare, psychology, archaeology and theology.

Students have access to a wide range of careers and employment opportunities. Any job that involves interacting with other humans will require some level of religious and cultural understanding. These jobs can range from advice worker to newspaper journalist and any job in healthcare or law enforcement. Having an understanding and appreciation of different cultures, faiths and worldviews equips individuals to relate to others in an informed and considerate way.

Who do I need to see to find out more?

Talk to Miss Butler or your RE Teacher


Do I have to do GCSE RE?

GCSE RE is compulsory for all at GCSE level. In some few instances, students may need to be withdrawn to focus on core subjects, however this is rare.

Will I be taught in sets?

NO – GCSE RE will be taught in mixed ability groups, across the bands within each year group.

What exams will I have?

Students will sit two exams in the summer of year 11. Both papers are 1 hour 45 minutes long. One paper is on Islam. The second paper is on Christianity.

What religions do I study?

Students will continue to study the religions of Islam and Christianity which they began in year 9.


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