Religious Education is compulsory at GCSE level at the Fernwood school. We believe it plays an integral role in the life and health of our school, particularly given how diverse our community is. We want you to have a deep and comprehensive understanding of beliefs of others different to yourselves. We believe that through RE lessons, we can create opportunities for you to discuss issues that make people tick, issues that we’ll see in the news, issues that may come up in relationships now and in the future.

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When you enter Year 10, you will continue with the GCSE course you have started in Year 9. We follow the AQA A specification which leads to a Full Course GCSE Religious Education. There are two components to this qualification. Component one focusses on beliefs, teachings and practices within two major religion – Christianity and Islam. We study these religions as they are the most widespread religions in Nottingham City as well as in the United Kingdom. The second component examines religious and ethical themes from a Christian, Muslim and non-religious perspective. The course is designed to help you develop an informed understanding and appreciation of how Christians and Muslims respond to moral and social issues through their beliefs, values and traditions.

Component 1: The study of religions: beliefs, teachings and practices

  1. Christian Beliefs and Teachings
  2. Christian Practices
  3. Muslim Beliefs and Teachings
  4. Muslim Practices

Component 2: Thematic study – Religious and ethical issues

  1. Relationships and families
  2. Religion and Life
  3. Religion, peace and conflict
  4. Religion, human rights and social justice


Do I have to do GCSE RE?

GCSE RE is compulsory for all at GCSE level. In some few instances, students may need to be withdrawn to focus on core subjects, however this is rare.

Will I be taught in sets?

NO – GCSE RE will be taught in mixed ability groups, across the bands within each year group.

What exams will I have?

Students will sit two exams in the summer of year 11. Both papers are 1 hour 45 minutes long. One paper is on Islam. The second paper is on Christianity.

What religions do I study?

Students will continue to study the religions of Islam and Christianity which they began in year 9.


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