The History Department seeks to nurture, develop and enable students to know and understand past events, concepts and eras that have contributed to British and global society. We aim for the diverse population of our school community to feel represented in studying our collective past. Students use and build upon core knowledge to develop & practise historical skills to enable them to be critical, moral and active learners.


History plays a crucial role in understanding our world. It makes a vital contribution to our knowledge of the past and the events that have helped shape the world we live in today. At Fernwood students follow a broad and balanced History curriculum that encourages them to develop their historical skills and to critically explore a wide range historical themes; identifying significant events, make connections and contrasts and analyse trends within periods of time. The skills they will develop will enable Fernwood students to rigorously evaluate sources and understand contrasting arguments and interpretations of the past. This will empower our students to greater appreciate the modern world and the wider community.

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Aims of the Curriculum

The aims of the History curriculum are to:

  • Widen their horizons through having the opportunities to explore a series of historical events, concepts and themes
  • Encourage our students to be responsible global citizens through the discussion of difficult and controversial human experiences that have affected Britain and the world
  • Appreciate the diversity of our community so that our students feel represented and are able to understand multicultural Britain today AND develop knowledge of local, national and international history
  • Enrich their cultural capital by providing learning opportunities beyond the classroom and see history as a living subject which relates to their lives
  • Develop their historical skills to deepen their understanding of past
  • Build transferable skills which equip students for further study, in History, other subjects and the world of work. Students are able to evaluate historical debates by explaining both sides of an argument, reaching a justified judgement. Historical sources and interpretations are analysed to further deepen students’ understanding of the past.



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